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I'm Ferdinand Logmao but you can call me ferdie. My most recent role as a Trust and Safety Specialist had me developed an excellent skillset in investigation. I have handled various investigation task that includes moderating user generated contents, investigation for any possible harm within the community, and keeping the it safe. I was tasked to be part of the SME in Abusive behavior and have handled escalations related to Bullying, Harassment, Sexual contents, Grooming, and CSAM.

I have worked in the BPO industry for over five years and have proven track record of providing excellent customer satisfaction. In my years of experience, I have handled different campaigns and different position which are Retension and Technical Support. I also worked in a financial company as a verifier/underwritter. ​

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Call Center Agent (Sales/Technical Support)

I was hired as a Customer service representative but my job was beyond the said position. I handled three different services with Comcast. Internet, Cable, and Telephone were those services that I catered to. I assist the customers to the best knowledge with the help of the troubleshooting guide provided. With that, I was also being graded with every metrics we got. Not to mention, I was good at having a balanced scorecard. My responsibilities also include providing unstated needs. Most especially, up-selling was part of the metrics, and the more sales the better. As part of up-selling, I also processed shipping with the customer to make sure they’d receive the item. On the other hand, if they don’t receive the item or it’s broken, I will process an RMA.

Trust and Safety Specialist

I started working with the company doing profile moderation when I moderate user generated contents and making sure there were no violating contents on their profile based of the community guidelines. Afterwards I was moved to live moderation where I keep the live community safe by making sure that users are following the community guidelines otherwise they’ll be alerted with the purpose of educating them that they’re violating certain policy or moderated based on the grounds. 

I then got promoted as SME where my tasks were being specific with more important violations that has to keep an eye out. I handled escalations, reporting, and helping the team with specific users who’s already known in the app. 

Technical Support / Retention

As Technical support, my responsibilities include interviewing customers for relevant information and properly leading them through diagnostic procedures to determine the source of their problem with the service. Log and track customer calls in a computer database and research, document. I make sure that before we end the call, the issues are fixed otherwise a pending resolution was given. I’m very particular in detailed notes as it would be the reference for the next representative who will handle it and it’s really important to always leave detailed documentation.

As a Retention specialist, my responsibilities include probing to the customer what makes them want to switch with the other courier as they’re threatening to cancel their service. I always make sure to leave a positive experience with them. Provide what they needed that’s within my control and offer the available service that they could benefit from.

Verification Specialist

My job is inline with financial service. As a loan verification specialist, I verify documents provided by customers for the purposes of funding.

I always make sure that I fully documented the account as it’s needed for funding process. Keeping records of customer interactions, recording details of inquiries, complaints, or comments, as well as actions taken and make sure to finish it all before wrapping up the call. Sending emails to credit analysts to make them aware of urgent information that’s needed to be prioritized.


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