Birthday at Bai Hotel, Mandaue Cebu City

Bai Hotel Mandaue Cebu

It’s been 2 years since the pandemic started so the prior plans had to be canceled, unfortunately. Now the restrictions somehow have lessened, I planned to celebrate my birthday outside Luzon and I chose Cebu as the best place I could celebrate it. 

I’ve been to Cebu once with my friends and got to explore different places but this second feels like more just a first time. Maybe because it was pandemic and didn’t have that much chance to travel outside Luzon. In the last two years, I’ve been to different places in Luzon but it does not really satisfy my soul fr. Tho it helps a lot in terms of getting away from the stress of being so bored at home due to pandemic. 

I wanna share with you our first day in Cebu. The last time I went here was weren’t prepared so we just booked whatever hotel is within our budget. But this time since I’m planning to celebrate my birthday in the city, I thought of booking a hotel with a pool and that I found the Bai hotel. Bai Hotel is not by the beach but it offers a great view of the city including the body of water. 

They offer different options with great amenities at an affordable price. It may not be that cheap but I can tell it’s good for its price. The room that I booked was for a couple and here are the amenities they have. 

Where is Bai Hotel Located?

Bai Hotel offers a shuttle for convenient drop-off from the Airport but in case you’re not interested, they’re just a few minutes away from Mactan Airport and you can take a taxi or private car that offers a ride. In our case, a friend of mine said some taxis may not be using meters so we’d take grab instead since it’s available in the city.


Ouano Ave. corner C.D Seno St. City South Special Economic Administrative Zone, Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu

How to book a reservation

Who books directly to the Hotel these days? Of course, there’s still but for more convenience, assurance, and most of the time to get a discount, we can definitely check prices from different booking apps. What I’ve used was Agoda and I’ve got two nights and three days stay at an affordable price.

Book your room thru their website here


We were a bit tired when we got here so I took these photos when I realize I haven’t taken any pictures yet. This is their deluxe couple room and as you can see it offers enough space and it’s cozy. The room may not have an open veranda but the glass window can see the city view.

Twilight Roofdeck Lounge & Bar

You don’t have to go through the hassle of traveling from your hotel to another place because Twilight Roofdeck Lounge and Bar is just at the top of Bai Hotel. This place is an open area and is good for chilling because they have a great view of Cebu City while listening to their residential bank. As for the rate, there might be a big difference from the outside bar but it’s definitely worth it because of the view and the vibe that could give.

Pool Bar

Yes! You heard it right they have a pool bar where you can also order a drink while you’re under the moon or even the sun.

Breakfast buffet

I had no idea that the included breakfast was a buffet until the second day of staying I contacted the receptionist to ask about the breakfast and was told it can’t be delivered and I had to go to their restaurant. I immediately went there and I had no idea could be because they’re tryna surprise me because it’s my birthday and they didn’t fail to surprise me.

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