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Summer never ends for me. I just recently went to Cebu and here I am again craving more vitamin sea. It’s been more than a week since I went to Bantayan Island, Cebu and I feel like I need more so I asked my friend to travel with me to Zambales and it was a just few days before the actual date. We didn’t have much time to prepare so this is literally a Bahala na kung saan mapadpad travel.

We thought of a couple of places to go to but since we were not that sure how to get there, we ended up choosing the nearest one. And we were a bit worried kasi baka wala na kami masakyan but that doesn’t discourage us kaya pagktapos mag out ng friend ko from work we immediate decided na we should go right away para hindi mahirapan sa pag alis because Victory Liner is along the Edsa and it’s very traffic in the noon time.

How to get from Manila to Liwliwa, Zambales

Via private car is definitely one of the options since Liwliwa, Zambales is just on the west side of Luzon. But since we want more fun travel kaya we took the public transportation. We’re coming from Cubao so since wala silang diretso sa Sta. Cruz, Zambales kaya we chose to take the last trip going to Olongapo but when we got there it was already full so instead of taking just two rides, we would need to take three. From Cubao Victory Liner to San Fernando, Pampanga we paid ₱150/Pax and it took more than 2 hours. Then we rode another bus from San Fernando to Olongapo for ₱136/Pax. It was midnight when we arrived in Olongapo so we were told that the trip ends at 11 pm and will resume at 3 am. We sat in the waiting area and planned to just sleep till the trip resumed but we were so lucky because a bus arrived going to Sta Cruz, Zambales which will pass by the Sitio San Felipe where Liwliwa is located. So we paid 120 from Olongapo to San Felipe. We asked the driver to drop us off at Bobulon Elementary School.

Cubao Victory Liner to San Fernando, Pampanga₱150
San Fernando to Olongapo ₱136
Olongapo to San Felipe₱120

By Bus – The right way

Take a bus from Pasay bound to Iba or Sta. Cruz, Zambales. Tell the bus conductor/ticket teller that you will drop off at San Felipe only. (Otherwise, you’ll be paying for the whole trip to Iba/Sta.Cruz)Fare is P350-390. The travel time is four to five hours.
From the bus stop, take a tricycle going to Liwliwa Beach. Fare is P30 each. Travel time is 10-15 minutes.
Along the way, an environmental fee of P20 will be collected.

Taking the right way would less your transportation expenses. For more updated rates you can go directly to Victory Liner’s Website to check their rates and you can also book online so you don’t need to go through the hassle of falling in line or taking your chance whether you can get a ride or not. Like what happened to us hindi namin inakala na madaming tao kaya when we get there sa terminal nagulat talaga kami na blockbuster and pila.

Finally, we arrived but since it was a late night, there was no more tricycle to take us to the beachside. Imagine we were tired, sleepless travel, and hungry so we decided to just walk it off. Zambales is Zambales there were a lot of dogs outside barking and some were in the middle of the road so we had to adjust for them. It’s supposedly just a 15-20 minutes walk but it took us more than 30 because we had to make some stops because there were spots that don’t have lights on and it was so creepy because it was too dark and you can hear nothing, especially in the bridge barge so freaking creepy.

Where we stayed in Liwliwa

Haven Campsite

We stayed in another beach camp after we spent the night at Haven Campsite. Even though we arrived late we still paid the entrance fee of 250. It was raining before we came so the tents were wet and we had no choice but to spend the night on the bench. My friend’s relative was there too but since there was no more space in their tent, we didn’t have a choice but to just wait till sunrise.


Teepee Hut Fan Room Common CR (2pax)₱1,900
Boho Room w/AC & CR (2pax)₱2,900
Family Room w/AC & CR (2-4pax)₱3,900
Teepee Cabin w/AC & CR (2-3pax)₱4,000
Teepee Villa w/AC & CR (5pax)₱5,000
Note: All prices are subject to change without prior notice
Contact: Facebook / Instagram / 0905 251 5038 / beachhavencampsite@admin

Ragsak Kamp

Ragsak Kamp “Rag-Sak” Originated from the word “Happy/joy” translated in Ilocano dialect. It is located in Sitio Liwliwa, San Felipe, Philippines near the beach. Their Facebook page is embedded so you can contact them to get the most accurate details and their contact details are as follows:
+63 917 119 1033
+63 919 664 7677
+63 998 193 1505

After the sleepless night, we decided to check in to another place because my friend needed a private space where she could work remotely plus the air-conditioned kubo were all fully booked even the nearby resort so we didn’t have any option but to look for something in AirB. This is just the typical hotel that looks like an apartment but it’s not by the beach but it’s just a few minutes walk to the beach but the good thing is they have a bar and you can enjoy the night if you don’t feel like going to the beach.

What to Do in Liwliwa, Zambales

Nothing much to do in Liwliwa, Zambales. This place is good for chilling and since I’m quite done with the adventure so we chose this place instead.

Kape sa Baybay is I think the only coffee shop that offers different flavors of coffee blends in Liwliwa tho there are stores nearby that offer a cup of instant coffee. Direction Here through this link

One of the activities you can do here in Liwliwa is Surfing. As you can see from my back the waves are high and I think this place could be compared to Elyu but the difference is the nightlife here isn’t that loud like I said it’s just chill. I still fear waves because of what happened to me in Real Quezon so I just enjoyed watching them surf.

Aside from surfing. You can also go for ATV which is a separate rental, tho I haven’t tried it because I was tired during the day but I could recommend to you Liwliwa ATV Adventure. Their Facebook page is embedded so you can be redirected to their page and be provided with the most update rates they have.

We may have struggled when traveling to Liwliwa, Zambales but definitely a place that I consider going back to. It may not be your typical white beach but there will always be another way to enjoy things and sometimes it is not the place you’ll be going to but the people you’re traveling with. In fact, our last night was fulfilled with happiness because we got to meet new people and we had fun.

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