Best Cafés in Coron, Plawan

cafes in coron

Coron Palawan is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines and is known for world-class World War II-era wreck diving. It also offers huge limestones peak, crystal-clear freshwater lakes, beautiful beaches, and fantastic underwater life.

Looking for the best cafes is made easy thru different search engine platforms. You are definitely a coffee lover as to why you were routed here to find the best coffee shops in Coron, Palawan. This is just a quick blog for those who want to hear a short review for each mentioned cafés in this blog.

Note: These are the cafes I have tried so far during my stay here in Coron Palawan.

Cafe Ynani

Amira's Cafe Ynani Coron Plawan


This coffee shop is a branch of Amira’s Bukotart house. It’s basically just inside the same store where Amira’s located so aside from coffee you can also buy sweets that are good to partner with hot coffee. They offer hot and iced coffee however the selections are few could be because they just opened 3 months ago as of writing.

Epic Island Cafe Coron

epic cafe


This is the first-ever cafe I tried when I landed in Coron. This cafe is being hyped and is located in the middle of the town, real street to be exact and as you know this is the street where the most expensive resto and hotels are located. The coffee quality isn’t that bad but not the best. To me, it’s a bit overpriced but considering the location that’s okay.

Cafe Socorro

cafe soccoro


Talking about food aside from coffee, this is by far the most quality over the price. As for the coffee, it was good so far but I never had the wow feeling when I tried their coffee lattes. This is by the main road but the inside of the cafe is pretty neat and quiet. The service of their food is definitely worth the price, especially their burger.

Le Voyage

Le voyage Coron Plawan


After a day tour, I went straight away to this cafe to try out their coffee. This place is a bit tight and poor signal but they have free wifi which is strong enough if you just needed to browse or could also be used for working. It was a bit busy here considering the spot since it’s in front of the government building and lots of vehicles passing by. As for the food they offer different coffee flavors and smoothies but the quality of the beans and milk they’re using is not the same as some cafes nearby.

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