Successful person in mind

When you think of the word “successful,” who’s the first person that comes to mind and why?

The first person that comes to my mind is the teacher who helped me during my time in college when I had difficulties coping with my tasks. He has been great to me since I knew him and he never made me feel less compared to the original person I was assisting from the begging. That im so grateful to him

My family were having financial challenges so it’s either I stop or do something to finance my studies and that I become a school assistant. I was left with nothing but myself and I was lucky and grateful for the opportunity i was given but situations got rough and I cannot keep up and stan for my dreams.

At first going to school was difficult but had to go through it and second was to survive with no allowance sometimes and starve myself just to stay at school after class so I can work. The person im grateful for was there to give me whatever he can and it’s something I would never forget and will always be grateful for.

Dreaming is what keeps us through the hardships but sometimes difficult situations might come and you gotta choose either your dream or give up and see what the world destined to give. I never felt successful as I am today and that I am so grateful to all the people who went on my way to help.

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