How to Get TIN ID Number Online using BIR eReg


It’s 2023 and still a hassle to go to the branch just to get your TIN ID. Good news, we can now get our Tin number thru BIR eReg online. I know right this made our lives easier thanks.

What is TIN ID?

TIN is an acronym for Tax Identification Number. A Tax ID Number in the Philippines is issued by the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) and is used for tax purposes in the Philippines and abroad.

Who can register a TIN online?

Registration of Tax Identification Number online is called eTIN. It allows the following individual taxpayers to apply for a tax ID number:

  • Self-employed Individuals (such as Sole Proprietors and Professionals)
  • Mixed Income Earners (both employee and sole proprietor and/or professional at the same time)
  • Employees
  • Those who are qualified under Executive No. 98

Requirements to register a TIN ID Online

  • Valid email address
  • Accurate profile details
  • Internet connection
  • New eligible applicants

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