How to pay your globe bills using Maya

How to pay your Globe bills using Maya app

Paying bills nowadays isn’t difficult with the help of technology. Since I used to struggle to pay my bills, so I wanted to share with you what I learned and help you with how to pay your bills through Maya.

Maya offers a variety of billers. This may not be the fastest way to have your payment posted to your globe account, but to me, this is the wise way as Maya offers a lot of perks that could give you a better rebate than other options. Posting time of your payment if you paid it through Maya is up to 48 hours. Be patient enough and make sure you pay your bills ahead of your due date to avoid interruption with your service.

Instructions are as follows: 

Step 1:

Make sure you know your globe account number and the amount you’ll be paying. For broadbands make sure you also know your landline number (for wireless landline just remove 0 at the beginning of your number ex. 91712345678)

Step 2:

Open your Maya application on your phone and on the home page tap Bills.

Maya globe bills

Step 3:

Find the Biller which is Globe. Just choose Globe Telecom for the mobile plan or Globe Broadband for the globe wifi plan. For your next transaction, the biller would sit on Recent Paid billers and the account number you’ve entered.

Step 4:

Fill in the needed information. You can leave black the account name as it is just optional then press Continue in the upper left corner.

Maya globe bills

Step 5:

After clicking continue, it would lead you to the confirmation page where you can review the information you have entered to be sure the press Pay to continue to the upper left corner.

Maya globe bills

Step 6:

You will be receiving a confirmation once the payment has been successfully processed. Once you get back to the homepage of your Paymaya app, you’ll see the deduction on the history with its reference number that you can provide to Globe if payment didn’t post.

That’s how simple make payments through Maya. With regard to the perks, it depends on the promotion of Maya. Feel free to comment below if you have any suggestions. Thanks for Reading.

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