DIY Solo Travel to Siquijor Island

DIY Siquijor Island tour

Siquijor is a beautiful and very special island in the Visayas region (central Philippines). It isn’t a very popular destination among tourists and even less among locals, which makes it even more enjoyable because it doesn’t get crowded at all. It is a small island that you can actually go around with a motorbike in just 3-5 hours of continuous driving. All of the tourist spots are just right after each other but most of them require you to go off the main road because most are not by the main road. It is recognized as a center of mystic power and a capital of mystic activities and black magic. Siquijor is known for the infamous agimat and gayuma. In spite of this, Siquijor offers incredible sites and sights and is rapidly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines.

I was accompanied by friends but they had to leave early so they were not able to go to all the tourist destinations here in Siquijor Island because they had limited time. I was supposed to join a tour of people I met at the bar but since I woke up late I had to do DIY travel to different tourist spots in Siquijor. If you’re traveling alone I would advise you to rent a motorcycle if you know how to drive and have a driver’s license otherwise join a tour because even if you’re alone you might still get charged the minimum fee that applies to a group.

You need to make sure to set your map direction ahead because there are places you won’t get good network coverage so expect you won’t be able to search for something right away if you need to. Since I was driving alone, it was a bit scary, especially during the afternoon when I don’t usually see houses and other vehicles on the road and it was a long ride since they were kilometers away. Imagine the feeling of driving in a forest with tall trees and hills you feel amazed at the same time scary because you feel nothing but nature.

How to go to Siquijor Island

Siquijor can be reached through different transportation depending on where you’re coming from. When taking flights to Manila, Philippines you will most likely need to book another flight to Dumaguete from NAIA Manila or via ferry but taking a ferry might take you days before reaching Dumaguete.

Once you’ve arrived at Dumaguete Airport there is a lot of local transportation being offered just right outside the airport to the port where you can book a ticket for Roro or Fast Craft to Siquiojor. If you’re a group I would advise taking a van but if it’s just a small group of people you might just want to ride a tricycle because it will be money-saving. Please note that the schedule is not every hour so you might wanna think of any places you wanna visit within reach before taking your scheduled ferry to Siquijor. The fastest transportation would be the Fast Craft and you can check their schedule here on their website just make sure to book a day before your planned date

Places to visit in Siquijor

Pitogo Cliff

Pitogo Cliff was not on my itinerary, but when I checked the map, it was the first thing that was shown when I checked the pictures, it gave me a great impression because I’m more into overlooking views. I had some difficulty finding it so you should not use Google Maps when you’re just meters away but instead drive slowly so you can see the sign where to enter. There would be a 20 pesos fee before entering the place and you can park your vehicle outside or inside.

Where is it Located?

Old Enchanted Balete Tree

Grand 400-year-old tree with a spring at its base where visitors have their feet nibbled on by fish. It’s located in the barangay of Campalanas in Lazi. This is one of my choices since I’m also into nature. For someone who lives where lots of old trees are planted, it may not amaze you but the pool with small fishes that eat your dead skin will. This is just by the road and can easily be located. There’s an entrance fee of 20 Pesos and you can freely sit wherever and whenever you want.

Old balete tree siquijor

Where is it located?

Hapitanan Broomstick

Hapitanan is also located along the circumferential road in Lazi so it’s not difficult to find just at the left side when you’re coming from Old Balete Tree. This is a fun way to experience “flying” with a broomstick, like Harry Potter. There’s no entrance fee here but the people would offer to take you a photo and you may give them a donation and no amount is required.

Where is it located?

Lagaan Falls

Lagaan Falls is also located in Lazi and will require you to go off the main road and it’s just a few minutes away from the sign to turn left. Once you get here, there will be a 50 Pesos entrance fee and 10 pesos parking lot. Tour guides would offer to take you to the falls but you can also do it since the trail is easy to follow. As for the guide, there’s no fee but you can give a tip since they would also offer to take a picture of you and they definitely know where’s the best spot and position to do so.

Lagaan falls
Lagaan falls
Lagaan falls
Lagaan falls

Where is it located?

Cambugahay Falls

Cambugahay Falls is by far the best fall I’ve been to here in Siquijor Island. The stunning waterfall is divided into three levels including a huge pool. The main pool has a couple of rope swings that will level up your experience in jumping off the cliff. There is a ₱20 entrance fee and you’re not required to get a guide as it’s just 150 steps on the man-made stairs but if you’re traveling alone it’s advisable to get a guide as they will recommend the pose and spot where you can snap a picture.

Where is it located?

Lugnason Falls

When I stayed in San Juan, this one was the nearest waterfall I could get to since I woke up late from partying last night. Luckily I rented a motorcycle so I don’t need to rush myself from being able to visit the itinerary in just a day.

Where is it located?


Runik Siquijor offers a Mediterranean feel in the comforts of the Isla del Fuego, Siquijor. The exterior of the cliff bar also reminds people of Santorini, Greece with its white and blue design. There is a ₱350 entrance fee and it’s consumable and you get the whole day access to the beach club and swimming pool. Runik Siquijor is an open space, you will have a magnificent view of a golden hour as you enjoy refreshing and ice-cold cocktails. This is the last place you want to visit after your long day tour as this place offers a perfect sunset spot.

Where is it located?

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