How to open a Pag-IBIG MP2 Savings Online

Pag-IBIG MP2 Savings

The Modified Pag-IBIG II or MP2 is special savings facility with a 5-year maturity, designed for Pag-IBIG Fund members. Who wish to save more and earn higher dividends, in addition to their Pag-IBIG Regular Savings which is mandatory for local employees. The program is an optional savings scheme and is also open to pensioners and retirees who were former Pag-IBIG Fund members.

Whether you’re a first-time investor or an experienced who wants to get Pag-IBIG MP2 savings, this guide should get you started opening an account online.

Step 1: Click the link below

Step 2: Enter your information then submit

Registering online is quicker than enrolling manually, as you won’t have to fill out the form at the Pag-IBIG office. After clicking the enrollment link, just need to fill in the information below.

Step 3: Online MP2 enrollment

It will now route you to the page where your Pag-IBIG account information is on the left side for confirmation and MP2 savings specific questions.

  1. Desired monthly contribution is at 500 minimum and no maximum. This is voluntary it means whatever you put here does not need to be the same as you continue to pay your monthly.
  2. Preferred Dividend Payout whether you’d like to receive the MP2 dividends yearly or by the end of the five-year term.
  3. Mode of Payment is how you want to pay your MP2 contributions which can be through salary deduction (you have to contact your employer for them to have you approved), over-the-counter in any paging branch, or via one of the Pag-IBIG accredited payment channels like Paymaya, Gcash etc.
  4. Source of Funds is how you earn your money from which MP2 contributions are derived from. 

Once you’ve done selecting from the drop-down provided, click the Submit button. Review all the information on you provided, including the terms and conditions. Take note of your MP2 account number in the upper right corner.  Click the link at the bottom most part of the page to print your MP2 enrollment form. You can save the form first as a PDF file for printing later.
If you’re an employee, print an additional copy and submit it to your HR staff or employer, so you can remit your MP2 savings via salary deduction.

Wanna know more about the benefits? Watch this short clip.

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