Greenfield Tourist Inn: A place to stay in Bohol

Greenfield Tourist Inn Bohol Philippines

Another day to enjoy a vacation out of town. I have never been to Bohol before and since I have a neighbor came from there, I was wondering what Bohol has to offer to its tourists. The Internet is a big help these days because we don’t need to imagine the sceneries, we can just search and scroll through pictures taken from these places. My former co-worker wants to spend some time in Bohol and so do I. We had plenty of time to prepare and one of the airlines in the Philippines had its seat sale. The itinerary is something that you don’t need to think of if you’re planning to visit Bohol, because there are lots of tour packages you can get at an affordable price and most of them would last for a day so all you have to think of is their sequence all throughout your stay.

Finding a place to stay is difficult because we have different preference and with the help of Agoda, I was able to find what I want with just the tip of my finger and there I found Greenfield Tourist Inn

Greenfield Tourist Inn Bohol

Where is it Located?

Greenfield Tourist Inn is located in Tawala, Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines 6340. If you arriving at Panglao Airport, this is highly suggested because it’s just a couple of minutes away from the airport.

How to get to Greenfield Tourist Inn

My arrival Airport was in Panglao International in Bohol. I thought it would be easy to take public transportation but I was wrong. Their airport is far from the main road that offers public transportation. So the options you may take are Shuttle bus going to Bohol Airport, rent a Van, or if you have a contact you can ask them to get a tricycle for you so they would come and pick you up at the Airport. We definitely took the tricycle as it is more affordable to us. Since I have the contact number for Greenfield Tourist Inn, I asked them to get me a ride.

I paid P200 to take me from the airport directly to the Hotel which was just a few minutes away. I’m not sure how much would it cost if your destination is far, maybe you can negotiate with whoever you’ll be dealing with. For further information, you may contact them through their Facebook page which is Greenfields Tourist Inn or landline (038) 502 4904.

Room Rates as of February 2020

Family Room (8 pax)4,300 (breakfast for 8)
Standard Twin (2 pax)
Pool View1,595 (breakfast for 2)
Garden View1,350 (breakfast for 2)
Standard Double (2 pax) 1,595 (breakfast for 2)
No Breakfast
Family Room (8 pax) 4,000
Standard Twin (2 pax)
Pool View 1,495
Garden View 1,250
Standard Double (2 pax) 1,495
Extra Person300
Greenfield Tourist Inn Bohol
Greenfield Tourist Inn Bohol

How much did I pay?

We were a group of 3 pax. I certainly get an affordable rate for 3 days and 2 nights (roughly around 5,000 PHP). I booked our accommodation through Agoda because I feel like it’s cheaper than walking directly contacting the Hotel to book a room. Also, I feel more secure with Agoda because they can take my payment, and surely we won’t lose our slot on the scheduled date.

Promo rates with Agoda vary depending on the season and the time of booking. You may use the banner below to book your booking through Agoda.

Greenfield Tourist Inn Bohol
Greenfield Tourist Inn Bohol
Greenfield Tourist Inn Bohol

What do they offer?

Swimming Pool

I’ll start off with their swimming pool. As you can see in my previous blogs, I always prefer a simple stay. Something that is affordable but of course neat place. I just landed a new job and can’t file a leave nor be absent. I chose this one because they have a pool and so I can least enjoy staying here. Bohol specially Panglao Island has great beaches. In fact, it was my first time to touch very fine sand that actually feels like flour.

Greenfield Tourist Inn Bohol
Greenfield Tourist Inn Bohol


This would always be the first in line when I’m looking for accommodation. Since I landed on a new job, I am a freelancer and I can bring my laptop anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection. I immediately contacted the hotel’s front desk to ask how fast their internet is. This place doesn’t have a good reception for mobile phones and pocket wifi. I was using globe service but signal always drops to the point that I can’t even browse the internet. Greenfields tourist inn offers a fast internet connection, but expect that when too many users the speed might decrease depending on how they use it.


I always prefer to include breakfast so I wouldn’t have to think every morning of what to eat. This is a very important meal for me as it gives me the strength to think. Their breakfast is basic so please don’t expect something different. It also includes coffee and banana as a dessert.

Greenfield Tourist Inn Bohol


In front of it, there are chairs and tables where you can stay while you’re swimming. This bar doesn’t operate, I’m not sure if it’s just a design or what because when I was there, no people or anything that shows they offer some drinks or whatever. The only thing I saw inside it was a modem and router but those bottles still filled with alcohol.

Shuttle Service

It was not included in their post on Agoda that they offer a daily shuttle service to the beach. Taking public transportation may be difficult in this countryside because there’s no terminal that you can go to, you will just wait beside the road until a public transformation arrives.


  • Make sure to ready your cash but there’s the nearest ATM that takes around 2 minutes ride or maybe 5 minutes walk.
  • There are lots of eateries outside, if you didn’t like what they offer in the hotel, you can always go outside to look for food.
  • Bring your own toiletries, I don’t like what they got in the hotel.
  • They won’t clean your room unless you advise them to do so.
  • Apparently, Mcdonalds is the only common fast food I’ve seen. Most of the restaurant is being managed by the Chinese.
  • You can bar hop near the beach but make sure you have a service so you will not worry afterward.

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Overall, I had a good experience with the Hotel. I didn’t expect that much with the room because again, it’s way cheaper than the other. The location of the hotel is near the Panglao beach but since the hotel offers a daily shuttle, you don’t need to worry about renting a tricycle to go to the beach.

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