How to pay “ON HOLD” bookings with Cebu Pacific thru GCash

Cebu Pacific payment thru Gcash


To pay for your booking is not that difficult nowadays. But sometimes, we don’t have our cards on our wallet when airfare snap sale is announced. With CebuPacific, there’s an option to pay within 24 hours through their partner payment centers including Gcash. You’ll be given 24 hours from the time of booking to pay for it through their third party payment centers.

These are the Payment centers where you can pay your on-hold booking with CebuPacific including Gcash. Gcash is not included but I’m about to teach you how you can pay it through Gcash. The reason I prepare Gcash when it comes to making a payment because sometimes they have a promotion or cashback.

Cebu Pacific payment thru Gcash

After making the selection for your flight, you’ll be able to see the itinerary window that includes the Reference number. The reference number is important in paying your on-hold booking because it will serve as the account number for the biller which is Cebu pacific. Please bear in mind to be careful in entering this information to the payment tab.

Cebu Pacific payment thru Gcash

You are now ready to pay for your on-hold booking. Make sure that your Gcash application is always up-to-date to make sure you won’t encounter any problems. Once Gcash is opened, look for “Pay Bills” on the selections.


Cebu Pacific payment thru Gcash


A bunch of options will show up. Under biller categories, look for transportations and click on it.


Cebu Pacific payment thru Gcash


There are also different transportation that you could pay through this tab. Just look for Cebu Pacific as shown on the image and click it.


Cebupacific Gcash


After you click on Cebu Pacific, here is the information that you would have to fill in. Make sure you have all of the information being asked on this window as same as what’s being given during the booking. That way, Gcash could properly process your payment to the right account (booking). It may take a couple of hours to be successfully processed the payment and that booking confirmation will be sent out once the payment has been successfully posted through Cebu Pacific. Make sure to put in the exact amount of booking to avoid getting an error. There will be a convenience fee from Gcash so make sure you have enough balance to pay for everything.


Cebupacific Gcash


PS: Whatever information you have put in under Contact information during booking, that’s gonna be the name it should be under when paying it through Gcash. Whoever the account holder of the Gcash is, the information you’ll still be using is the one you’ve used during booking. And now we’re able to Pay booking with CebuPacific thru GCash.

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