Aparri Public Park during Christmas – A place to visit when you’re near

Aparri Public Park

I haven’t seen any blogs that feature Aparri Public Park. Maybe because it is just a regular park that you can go to, but to me, you’ll see the worth of certain things if you see it in different ways. I would like to share with everyone how I see this place with my not-so-creative imagination so you will picture out without being here.

Also, this place is best to visit during Christmas because of decorations all around it. There are also local foods that I haven’t eaten in my life that I tried here and I will also share it here, so bear with me all throughout this post.

Aparri, Cagayan

The spot that is being pointed on the map is where the Aparri Public Park located.

How to get to Aparri, Cagayan

Florida bus station in Sampaloc Manila offers a trip to Aparri Cagayan (Deluxe ₱1,080 ) last time I went there, they are open for reservation a week before the planned date.  Travel takes 13 hours or so depending on the traffic you’ll be dealing with in manila. Alternatively, If those schedules going to Aparri doesn’t fit you as they only have limited schedules, you can ride a bus going to Tuguegarao because they have plenty of options to choose from. Make your way to Tuguegarao, the capital city of Cagayan Province. From there, ride a bus or van (₱75 to ₱150) going to Aparri, Cagayan.

Florida bus company also operates in Cubao, however, they only have a route going to Tuguegarao.

Let me share you a little story about the province of Aparri, Cagayan

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Aparri is a 1st class municipality in the province of CagayanPhilippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 65,649 people. It was formerly a Japanese trading post because of its location at the northern tip of Luzon at the mouth of the Cagayan River. It was the main area for trade for Japan in the island of Luzon. Much of the area was once home to the native Ibanag people, who were at the time in alliance with Japan as an early form of an informal protectorate city-state. It was formally established under Spanish rule in 1605 after the Spanish Crown seized the Philippines and made it part of the Spanish East Indies. The river where Aparri is in was the site of the famed 1582 Cagayan battles, the only major skirmish between Spanish Tercios and Japanese Ronin (Masterless Samurai). Since it was on the route of Spanish Galleons during the great tobacco monopoly in the 16th to the 17th centuries, Aparri was, therefore, made one of the major Spanish ports of the Galleon Trade on May 11, 1680. The original inhabitants of this town were the Ybanags. Later, as the Spaniards settled and because of its strategic location, Ilocanos and Chinese people settled in the area.

I remember a story of someone I know. He was raised in Aparri, his mother is from Aparri and his father was a worker from Japan. As mentioned above, this place used to be the main area for the trade of Japan back then. That someone also told me that the foreign workers were a mix of Japanese and Chinese. I was once told that during the 90’s, lots of half Japanese and Chinese children were born. Not entirely sure where they went but as a typical culture of Filipino, some of us prefer foreigners.

Main Attraction

Aparri Public Park

These are the main structures that you can see around the park. During Christmas, they are being decorated with Christmas lights and some other Christian stuff. This is my second time to go here and I’ve noticed that people love going to this place as it is their main attraction. Aparri may have not built up yet, but it is beautiful in its own way and a lot of histories have been taken place here too.

Aparri Public Park

The first time I went here was in April of 2019 and this place looks different as it was not decorated. They usually put decorations all over the park in the month of December. This park is best to consider as an urban park as it attracts people especially children because of these cute decorations. As we all know, urban parks are green spaces set aside for recreation inside towns and cities.

This place is where they usually held some competitions. Last night I went there and I witnessed a chess competition and it’s a great idea in terms of engaging with people around the place. Because it is good to have communication and that will create a good relationship among the town’s people.

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Diket Rice Pudding
Diket with Caramel

I just newly tasted this local food. They call it Diket and I think this is just one of the variations of Diket rice pudding as other Cagayan regions have their own style of cooking it. It tastes different from the biko, the sticky rice isn’t sweet and that caramel on top of it makes it even sweeter. So basically the taste blends well.

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