Review: PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid

PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi

PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi is one of the best prepaid wifi across the country as it comes with 10GB data for 7 days upon activation. This is a plug and play device that can provide instant internet service for up to 5 devices and this is ideal for small household. PLDT Prepaid WiFi best fits the subscribers who are not into having commitment on regular internet postpaid plans or lock-up plans, and are looking for a cheap prepaid internet service with high speeds up to 42 Mbps. This device is a Smart LTE signal capable.

Where can you buy PLDT Home Prepaid Wifi?

Buy PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid at your nearest PLDT Sales and Service Centers and also at SM Malls. Since this is an LTE Wireless powered device, you need to make sure that your location can accommodate a Smart LTE signal. You don’t need to have a technician visit, you can just use a smart simcard to be inserted on your LTE mobile phones to identify the availability of the LTE signal.

There are lots of resellers of this PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi, just be careful to whom you’ll buy it too. Link above is trusted seller and you’ll get a discount too.

What comes with the Box?

This device is priced at 1,995 PHP, which includes PLDT Home WiFi Modem (with pre-installed LTE sim), Ethernet/LAN Cable (RJ45), AC Power Adapter, Device Stand, and Home WiFi Device Quick Start Guide.

PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi

Power – When the device is turned ON
Lan – When connected to the Lan Port
WiFi – Blinking when WiFi connection is in Used.
Signal – Should be blue to indicate a good signal strength

Things you can find on the right side of the device:

  • Reset Button
  • Turn on/off Button
  • Ethernet Port
  • AC Power

How to Setup PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi

Here is the illustration of how you can easily set up the device. This illustration is also available here PLDT User Guide.

  • Attach the stands on the bottom of the device to make it sturdy. There are hooks on the back of the device if you want to mount the device on a wall
  • Plug your PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi and turn the switch on the side. Make sure to place the device to where it can get a better reception. Signal color codes: Blue-Best, Green-Good, Red-Bad, Blinking Red-No SIM/Signal)

PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi

  • Connect to the Default WiFi signal being broadcasted by the Modem. The default network name and password can be found at the back of your modem.
    1. Once connected, change your PLDT Home WiFi name and password for security purposes.
    1. Open your internet browser then go to and log in using the default username and password: pldthome.
    2. It will open the PLDT Home WiFi Dashboard and show the device connection and network status.
    3. Under the SETTINGS tab, click WiFi Settings on the left-hand pane.
    4. Change your Network Name and Password then don’t forget to click on APPLY.

PLDT FamLoad Promos as of October 2019

These are exclusive promos for PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi subscribers. These promos are stackable, meaning you can register to a Fam Load Promo while you’re registered with another. Data allocations will be added together and the validity of the promo will follow the longest subscription. There’s no limit on registration.  Users can load via the new FamLoad packages that comprise of the following:

Families with 3 to 5 members

  • FAMLOAD199 – 12GB of data for 7 days

Families with 6 members and above

  • FAMLOAD599 – 40GB of data for 15 days
  • FAMLOAD999 – 65GB of data for 30 days
  • FAMLOAD1499 – 100GB of data for 30 days

Budget FamLoad promos

  • FAMLOAD 15 – 1GB of data for 1 day
  • FAMLOAD 50 – 3GB of data for 3 days

To easily register the PLDT Home Wifi, simply download the “myPLDT Smart” mobile application available on Google Playstore and connect your PLDT Home Wifi number to register.

You can also load via:

PLDT Sales and Service Centers nationwide

PLDT Smart loading station (sari-sari stores, etc.)

Pasaload from any Smart/TNT number

All 7-Eleven convenience stores nationwide

Final Thought

I am so pleased with the service I am getting right now. The reason I bought this is that I needed it as a backup connection. Apparently, this is way better than my primary internet service which is Globe Wireless LTE 10Mbps with 500gb. As seen in the image below, It can give you more than what you expected with this simple and tiny device. The only problem I got with this Wifi is the data plan isn’t enough for me. I hope that sooner they could offer more Data allocation.

PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi Speed test

Looking for WiFi extednder? Tenda AC11 is something you can rely on!

42 thoughts on “Review: PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid”

    1. It’s called ethernet cable. You can use it to directly connect your laptop to modem so you would get a more stable connection. Note that some laptop doesn’t have ethernet port.

  1. Hi, I would like to ask if you know how to solve my problem in my PLDT Prepaid Wifi (Black) because the power indicator is the only one with light. The other light indicators are not lighting up when the device is turned on. Thanks

      1. Hello. Can you help me on this, i had a black modem, i used it for almost a year and it works good but it happened that the same not working anymore, its like the same card is burned. Can i replace same simcard or do i need to take it to any pldt branch? Thank you.

        1. Seems like we have the same issue. Mine does not get a good signal and I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the since because the sim look bloated. Anyway, what i would suggest is to contact PLDT 171 to see what they can do, otherwise you may purchase a pldt prepaid wifi simcard so you can replace it.

  2. Hi can i ask kung yung speedtest nia ay pareho pareho the whole day? Kung nakukuha mo sya ng 37 mbps download at 6 mbps upload the whole day ganun yung speed or may oras lang like kung madaling araw lang pr smethinh? Thnx in advance

    1. Hi! Since this is a wireless modem. It relies on wireless connection from smart. So depende sa lugar. There are few things that might affect the speed but to answer your question, hindi purket nag speed test ka now is pareho na sya until the end of the day. Every seconds, every minute nag iiba ang speed.

        1. You can easily identify if you’ll get a good signal just by using a smart sim on your phone and use its data. If you’re getting LTE, it should be fine.

    1. Hi! Depende po sa kung anong work mo. If it’s just admin task, you can definitely use it for everyday work. Pero if your job requires a higher and stable internet connection, best to opt to dsl or fiber connection.

  3. Christopher Glenn

    How would I know if my area has a strong signal for pldt home wifi prepaid? Is there any way to check it?

    1. You can easily identify if you’ll get a good signal just by using a smart sim on your phone and use its data. If you’re getting good speed, it is an indication that it will be fine. But please do note that since this modem relies on 4g LTE, please advise that speed may vary depending on the data traffic.

  4. Ilang bars ng signal po ba ang macoconsider na nasa tamang position ang router? Kahit anong lipat ko pa sa bintana, 3 bars lang po yung sakin. Posible po bang maging 5 pa ito?

    1. Signal varies depending on the area. Kung malakas ang signal ng smart sa inyo, you should be getting a good signal. If you’ve tried to move the modemsa different locations but still getting 3 bars, that might be an indication na hindi ganoon kalakas signal inside your house.

  5. Bakit po ganoon? Pag naka-connect na po yung tablet ng tita ko, ako naman na po yung hindi makapag browse o makapag laro, meaning to say wala ng natirang signal sakin, napunta na lahat sa tablet ng tita ko? Pano po kaya iyon?

  6. Hi, I was just wondering how fast our data data usage is. I availed the 199 FamVideo (which is 12GB all sites plus 1GB for YouTube daily valid for 7 days). It’s just the second day but the available data is only 4GB left. Is there anything we can do to avoid the speedy consumption of data? We access sites like Youtube, Skype, FB, Zoom etc.

    1. I think there’s no way to reduce the data consumption thru the admin portal of the wifi modem. But you may set a low data consumption on the devices you are using po.

  7. Scam yan ang Bagal laging DC sa ONLINE class kahit naka low quality one at a time na sa google meet

  8. Hi… Ive checked on my sim and the provider said that it was not functioning anymore. So, is this the end of it? I can not even load it anymore. Its useless now?

    1. I had the same issue, there are some stores that are selling a simcard alone unlike before na wala pa. Try to check in your local area. Also the modem will work with smart sims so if you have smart wifi sim gagan sya.

  9. Been using the white version since September 2020. There are days when the connectivity is so slow i get disconnected in the middle of a meeting by mobile or pc. Since Famload 199 was replaced by Famload Video 199, I have the advantage to have a free 1gb/day for Youtube for a week. But sadly the promo can’t reach 7 days because I spent all my data with an average of 5 days per load and an average of 6 reloads per month (which costs 1194 in total). You can use GCash to load it. The internet speed is 1-5mbps, according to the speed tests I run and I have to place it in front of a window to get the best signal. I tried to stick it on the glass with a sticky clay and it work. To maximize the usage of 5-7 days of Famload Video 199, it is best to be used by one person for work from home setting. Not good to drain it from watching Netflix(not supported by the promo) especially from relatives who know the password. It will take a lot of patience to download steam games since I can only resume downloading whenever i reach day 7.

  10. what Ethernet cord does it take on the black one with red modem like the one u show here? there no info other then Ethernet/LAN Cable (RJ45). but it doe not say if it cat5e or cat6 i need to get a replacement cord and i do not know witch is the right type to use on the modem. witch is the right cod to use?

    1. Apologies. With regard to your question Lan port of the modem could support RJ45. For further assistance I would advise you contacting PLDT support directly by calling 171 on your phone. Thanks!

  11. i would like to point out that you net will be faster at night time when people are a sleep. because the PLDT is using cell phone tower that is where your getting ur signal from so in the day time there are more people on the network and what i mean more people on there phone or pldt modem and that is what making u net slower also deepening on there u are some places may have less people so less people to be on theirs phone so ur speed might be faster then a big city. now why the net is faster at night this is because most people are asleep and not on there phone another thing that help to speed up ur net a little bit and give u a more stable connection. is to use the Ethernet cord plug it in to ur modem and in to you laptop some may not have a Ethernet port so u might need to get USB Ethernet Adapters witch one u will have to see witch one will work for you some are plug and play some need require you to install the device driver first. Depending on the manufacturer, a CD driver is usually included with the device while some drivers are downloadable online from the manufacturer’s website. another way u can make the net faster is to use a cell phone booster with this u will need to find out your band signal from that u can get the right booster a cell phone booster is a device that will bring the signal of the cell tower to u home this serves as a double purpose it can make ur net faster and ur phone will have better reception if both phone and model have the same bad number a booster comes with an outside antenna and it inside antenna and a booster box you just point the out side antenna on ur roof and point it to the cell tower using a signal finder app on ur phone keep your indoor antenna 20 feet away from the out door antenna the booster can work for any of PLDT Home WiFi Prepaid or other band modems ok thanks of reading

    1. Hello Brian. It really depends po sa task. If it requires you calling outbound or inbound, I would advise tho it can be used naman but just know na wireless connection sometimes affect call quality.

    1. Hello Brian. It really depends po sa task. If it requires you calling outbound or inbound, I would advise na hindi tho it can be used naman but just know na wireless connection sometimes affect call quality pero overall okay naman when I was using it lalo if the signal strenght in your area is great.

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