Summer Outing at Pico de Loro – Beach and Country Club

Pico De Loro Batangas resort

About Pico de Loro

Pico de Loro Cove is a 40-hectare “Residential Resort Village” and is the first development in the “Premier Sustainable Coastal Resort Town” of Hamilo Coast. Hamilo Coast is an expansive 5,900-hectare property located in Nasugbu Batangas with 13 coves, a 31-kilometer coastline, rich marine life, and abundant flora and fauna. 70 kilometers from Manila it is about a 90-minute drive from Mall of Asia via the Cavitex-Ternate-Nasugbu route. Source – Pico de Loro – Beach and Country Club!

Where is it located

Pico de Loro Cove is a “Residential Resort Village” at Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas. It’s just about 2-3 hours away from Manila.

I personally didn’t spend money on this travel. This was a treat from our Company as we were celebrating the Company’s yearly summer outing. We had a service vehicle when we get in here but I did a short research on how you could go here thru commute.

How to get to Pico de Loro

Public Transportation

Take buses route to Nasugbu Batangas (₱150 – ₱200 depends on the place where you ride from). Once you reach the town proper you can hire tricycles to take you to the resort (₱200/trip). Upon arriving in the resort, you can hire their shuttle to take you to your unit. Shuttle costs ₱200/ride. You will not be allowed to walk from the entrance since the guardhouse to the main resort is approximately 3 kilometers.

Bus to Nasugbu Batangas₱150 – ₱200
Tricycle to Pico de Loro₱200
Pico’s Shuttle₱200

Private vehicle

This is a step by step on how you could get there via private vehicle. Please click HERE! for further instruction.

Pico de Loro is composed of several residential buildings surrounding a man-made lake. You can only get a room with either a mountain view or lake view. There’s a central building called Country Club where you can find restaurants, stores, and facilities such as courts and swimming pool area. On the other end of Pico de Loro is a private beach, the Pico Beach, which is free for all guests. There’s a members-only Beach Club as well where there’s another swimming pool but it’s only for members.

Pico de Loro

The unit that was booked by our company is studio type at mountain view building that includes 2 bunk beds, comfort room with a hot/cold shower, a veranda with a mountain view, 4 towels, 4 bathrobes, and cable. The room is good for 4 people. Wifi is also free but it’s not that fast and reliable.

Pico de Loro

How to stay in Pico de Loro

Like I said I didn’t spend money on this travel as to why I don’t know how much those services we took advantage of. But I have someone who provided me much detailed information. T’was just a post on my Instagram that I tagged Pico de Loro and they commented on the said post. I took the opportunity to tell them about my plan of making a blog about the experience we had in Pico de Loro. They sent me an email wanting to include their contact details and in return, they will send me some information about the resort.

Since Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club is members only, you’ll need to book via Airbnb, where members rent out their units. If you’re not a member, but you wish to visit this resort, you need to provide an authorization letter from a member. Or, a member should endorse you. Only guests listed in the letter can enter Pico de Loro and all guests should wear a wrist tag upon registration that allows you to use their facilities. Guests should pay a fee regardless if they are accompanied by a member or not.

An alternative is to book through Agoda. It is more expensive, but it comes with free breakfast and hotel guests have access to the beach club. It’s a good option if you’re after convenience and don’t mind spending more.

Breakfast at lakeside

Breakfast is also included in our accommodation. There are booking online that you can opt to take advantage of one of their services. This was a buffet that starts from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM. You know the drill guys, time is limited so better fill up. What I did was to take breakfast early then I rested and get around the place, then I went back before 10:00 AM so I could have another set of meals.

Pico de Loro

Places to Visit

Beach resort

I took the photo in the afternoon that’s why the quality isn’t good due to low light. I just made some adjustment that makes it look great. Sand is fine but its color is not white as what other white beaches. Sea is good for swimming because waves aren’t really strong (i was just afraid of waves: visit this Blog to know why). I didn’t really try their activities because no one is really asking to join them and I don’t like initiating it tho. Beach is also good at night as it offers refreshing vibes but in Pico de Loro, Beach is closed at 5:00 PM and no one is allowed to get there and when you caught I don’t know what’s gonna happen.

Pico de Loro
Pico de Loro

Swimming pool

I thought the first time that Pico de Loro offers a lot of swimming pools. But when we get there I was surprised that this is the only pool they got for non-members. It doesn’t thrill me because the highest feet they got is 5ft. Never had a chance to dive as it’s prohibited. Their infinity pool is so beautiful because it faces the man-made lake. So refreshing to have a swimming at night but I wasn’t able to take pictures during the night because it was raining and I feel like staying in the room. Same with the beach, the pool has its own closing time at 10:00 PM.

Pico de loro

Man-made Lake

This lake has koi fishes around but I literally forgot to take a picture of them. On the right side, you can buy fish food for P20 to feed the fishes. I like this place at night but at 10:00 PM they are turning off the lights that make this place beautiful.

Pico de loro

Guide and Activities

Source: Pico de Loro Activities 2019

Units available for AIRBNB rentals. 

  • Studio
  • 1, 2 and 3 Bedroom Units
  • Loft Style Unit

Things you need to know

+ Upon registration, each guest is required to pay a guest fee of ₱800 or ₱1200 (off-peak or high-peak season) and an ecological fee of ₱20.
+ There is no ATM inside as the resort uses a cashless paying system. You need to buy and load a cash card from them or use a debit/credit card.
+ There’s a lot of dining options inside the resort, but if you want to save money, bring your own food. Units with bedroom normally have basic kitchen amenities and cooking is allowed.
+ Liquor is allowed to bring inside but you’ll have to pay corkage. Corkage fee depends on the liquor you bought, I was told that they would compare the price they got inside to the price of the one you bought outside, and the corkage fee is the difference.

Contact person

Melissa Academia
Property Specialist

Pico de Loro beach and country club

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