Is GOMO PH! better than other mobile service providers?


What is GOMO?

GOMO is awesome rolled in fun, and dipped in cool! It’s the game changer that lets you experience all the fun you want with large data allocations that NEVER expire!

A few days ago, this digital telco launched in the Philippines. GOMO can be found in four markets — Singapore, Ireland, Thailand, and the Philippines ( If you’re wondering what GOMO stands for, it’s ‘Go Out More Often’, according to Mr. Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO of Consumer Singapore at Singtel.

In October 2019, ‘GoMo’ launched in Ireland operating on the Eir Limited network.
In May 2020, it launched in Thailand on the AIS (Advanced Info Service) network.
Then in October 2020, it launched in the Philippines on the Globe Telecom network.
Globe filed for the GOMO trademark in its SEC FORM 17-A dated April 2020.

What kind of operator is GOMO?

Source: What you need to know about GOMO

GOMO calls itself a fully digital telco. What it means is that it’s a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). It’s an entity that offers services similar to a mobile network operator (MNO) such as Globe and Smart but doesn’t own any radiofrequency. What happens is that the MVNO enters into a business agreement with an MNO so it can use the latter’s network for its services.

It’s similar to how Cosmic Technology’s Cherry Prepaid is powered by Globe. That’s why GOMO Singapore runs on Singtel, GOMO Ireland on Eir, GOMO Thailand on AIS, and GOMO PH on Globe.

Do GOMO PH SIM cards support 5G?

Yes! It works under Globe’s nationwide LTE Network and is also capable of 5G. Since it uses Globe’s network, it also means that the quality of its connection also depends on Globe’s network resources or bandwidth. So better check the signal quality in your location.

“Several factors may contribute to your signal strength and network experience such as distance from cell tower, processing power of your mobile device, infrastructures and obstructions in your area such as tall buildings, thick walls, that may be blocking your signal, and being in a high-traffic area, where network resources/bandwidth is shared among numerous subscribers using Globe network,” says GOMO PH in its FAQ page.

Therefore, having a GOMO PH SIM card doesn’t give you any technical advantage in terms of signal reception and download speeds. You’re just like any other Globe subscriber but with different perks or packages.

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How do I purchase GOMO Sim?

Simply click on ‘Get SIM w/ 25GB’ in the GOMO website or GOMO PH app and follow the steps to order your SIM. After completing your SIM order, the SIM card will be delivered right to your doorstep for FREE!

You can also purchase a GOMO SIM via the official GOMO Lazada and Shopee stores.

Currently, there’s two options for the payment. You can either use Gcash or Debit/Credit card.


What’s the advantage of using GOMO PH?


What caught my attention is GOMO PH’s big data allocation that doesn’t expire, which is great for those who are tired of purchasing data promos every time their subscription expired. There’s also an option with call and text allocations that don’t expire as too.

Another perk is the ‘Mo Creds. Since the offerings already come with a relatively large data allocation for an affordable price, users can convert data to call and text allocations. It’s like customizing your own promo whenever you want. This is the best feature for those who want to have more control over their subscription and usage, whether you want it as data, calls, or text.

So this what makes it suitable for users who is not a heavy users of data, don’t like validity periods, and want to have more control over your allocations. Even so, you have to take into consideration the benefits and limitations of the Globe network in your area. If Globe runs great in your area, then good, but if the reception is too weak or traffic is too heavy, then I’d suggest otherwise.

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  4. Gomo i ask my refund..tagal na po mga 2months na nasa inyo na ang parcel return na.bakit hangang ngayon wala pa refund ko ..nasa site ninyo if ma return to sender ang item automatic mabalik sa gcash namin bat ganun wala….kailangan ko din ang pera 499 din un..salamat….

    1. Pasensya po sa inconvenience na na encounter nyo. This blog is my personal opinion but if you’d like to contact Gomo here’s their information.

      Globe Customer Care ((+632) 7730-1000 or 211 using your mobile phone).


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