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When airlines are needed to reschedule flights due to aircraft replacement, extended maintenance check, and other reasons. Flight times are adjusted, and passengers have to bear with the inconveniences. If delays are within a few hours, airlines offer passengers meal vouchers and hotel accommodations for longer waiting times. For CebuPacific, they offer different compensation and on this blog, I’ll be discussing the CebuPacific Travel Vouchers redemption.

As compensation, Cebu Pacific also offers travel vouchers to its passengers. It can be a one-way free ticket or a pair of free flights and sometimes a discount. It is usually provided by check-in desk staff who have to face disappointed and angry passengers and reveal the bad news about flight delays. But in my situation, they sent me an email notification that the flight was move and my option was either accept it, re-book it or cancel it and get a refund. Since my friend isn’t traveling with us, I have chosen to get a refund.

We recently had a vacation in Bohol and one of my friends didn’t make it due to some personal reasons. I was expecting that the flight would be forfeited until the flight back to Manila was rescheduled, I right away choose the option to refund it. The card I’ve used to book the flight was a prepaid debit so CebPac didn’t accept the option to refund it back to the payment used, instead, they compensated it as CebuPacific Travel Voucher.

Just so you know, these travel vouchers can only be used to someone who was on the previous booking that had been refunded. Meaning it can’t be used to another person. My friend was indeed interested in using it. I tried to use it and found out that the flight is way cheaper when using a travel voucher (even you exclude it).

Go to Cebu Pacific My Vouchers page

I’m assuming you already have an account with CebuPacific and you’re using that to book a flight. In order to go to My Vouchers page, Sign In first to your CebPac account. Once signed in, click on the little icon right beside your name on the upper right part of the page (as shown on the image) and it will show up the tabs where you can find the My Vouchers.

It will redirect you to My Vouchers page.

Choose the Voucher

CebuPacific’s My Vouchers page will show you all the vouchers you got if any. To continue using the Travel Voucher, check the tick box right beside the voucher no. and click continue to proceed.

After clicking continue, you’ll be directed to a page where you can choose a flight or how would you like to use the Travel Voucher depending on its compensation. What I got was a discounted Round Trip Domestic flight.

Payment Breakdown

The Travel Voucher didn’t really show me how much is deducted on the price. I tried to book a regular flight to the same destination and date we’ve chosen and it’s pretty expensive than what we got using the voucher. We all know that Airfare to Siargao is expensive, but as you can see in the image above, we made it affordable.

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